Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment, cracks and fractures in the teeth, deep decays in the teeth, cleaning, disinfecting and filling the infected tissue in the canals of the tooth with root canal filling materials as a result of the loss of vitality of the nerves and veins in the tooth is called canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is usually required in the following situations:

Caries advanced to the nerve of the tooth

In cases where fractures involving the nerve of the tooth occur as a result of trauma

In cases where the tooth loses its vitality as a result of excessive force on the tooth as a result of orthodontic treatment

In advanced gum diseases

In eliminating the sensitivity caused by advanced wear in the teeth

In extreme cold and hot sensitivity in the teeth

In the formation of pain without any stimulus during the day

When there is pain during and after eating

Color change in teeth as a result of nerve death

In the treatment of facial swelling as a result of abscess formation.

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