Orthodontic treatment; Although it is known as a treatment method used only for the correction of crowded teeth, it also includes the treatment of many ailments such as skeletal irregularities and anomalies, cleft lip and palate in babies, sleep apnea in adults (OSAS). Even if the children do not have any problems, they should be taken to the orthodontist for control when they are usually 6-7 years old. Except that;

  • Patients of all ages suffering from dental irregularities

  • Oral breathing or nasal problems

  • Who have used a pacifier for a long time

  • Finger sucking habit

  • With cleft lip and palate

  • Lack of teeth or a hard blow to the jaw

  • The upper or lower jaw on the mother or father’s side is too far ahead

  • If the situation known as toothyness among the people is observed (children with very advanced upper front teeth fall, the possibility of breaking their front teeth is very high)

  • Early deciduous tooth extraction for any reason

  • Every child who is thought to have perplexity in the teeth should definitely be examined by an orthodontist.

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